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MHM Writer/Artist JIM GUERRA Releases Two Jazz Albums!

Jazz saxophonist and composer, Jim Guerra completed and released two albums just before the close of the 2009 year.

HOLD ME, an album that was in the making for more than a year contains two original Guerra compositions, DEAR JOHN and MINOR DEE and ten jazz classics.  Interestingly, Jazz Drummer, Roger Humphries, who played drums on the original recording of Horace Silver's composition SONG FOR MY FATHER also played drums on Guerra's recording.  Roger and Jim have been friends and have worked together both as performers and educators for many years.  More than thirty five jazz musicians including John Wilson, Sean Jones, Roger Humphries, Eric Susoeff, Marty Ashby, Jay Ashby, Mike Tomaro, Steve Hawk, and Jim's son and bassist, Jason Guerra performed on the album.  John Wilson arranged several of the songs on the album and Mike Tomaro arranged SOLAR with Guerra arranging the remaining songs.  

Jazz Radio personality Tony Mowad had this to say about the album:  "HOLD ME" is a great contribution to the jazz idiom.  Jim Guerra and his impressive cast of musicians convey a plethora of ingenuity with every sound considered and perfectly placed.  With its abundance of inspired improvisation, "HOLD ME" pulls no punches, takes no prisoners, and thoroughly satisfies!

THE MUSIC OF JIM GUERRA is a double CD of 24 original songs by Jim Guerra.  This album offers the listener a fresh approach to Traditional Jazz.  Again using an equally  impressive list of musicians, Guerra invites the listener into 'his world' with innovative compositions and excellent performances.

Both albums are released under the MHM Productions Label and all of Jim Guerra's music is published by Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC.

"Congratulations to Jim Guerra and his Musical and Technical Team!!!"


We are pleased to announce that Mifflin Hills Muisc Co. in association with Cortron Media, LLC, producers of the show "Matt Morgan in Concert with Vito DiSalvo and We Three", have won Honorable Mention in THE ACCOLADE TV AWARDS, www.theaccolade.net in the following categories:

Honorable Mention: Musicals/Dancing/Variety/Entertainment

Honorable Mention: Editing

The Accolade is an international award competition entering in its fifth year and is considered a top tier television contest among televion contests. It recognizes professionals, large and small, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.

The awards go to those professionals who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries. Undiscovered and first-time television professionals are often recognized. Annually, a special award is given to a professional who makes a significant contribution to social change or a humanitarian effort.


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In January 2007 the company split, forming MHM Productions LLC as the record label, artist management group and entertainment agency, and Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC solely as a music-publishing firm.

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Current uses of our music:

The Soprano’s – “The Wedding Waltz” by Vito DiSalvo

Pirillo Tours – National Advertising – “The Wedding Waltz” by Vito DiSalvo

Pirillo Tours – Promotional DVD

Independent Movie, “Baby Fat: - Uses exclusively music by composer, Vito DiSalvo

Vito DiSalvo also played the accordion in the movie “The Bread My Sweet/ A Wedding For Bella” and also the Grammy Award Winning Jazz Album by Nancy Wilson, “Turned to Blue” on MCG Jazz label.


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