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From April to June 2020, Vito DiSalvo completed a longtime bucket list item of composing his “Symphony No. 1.” Composing this symphony and creating the virtual orchestral recording was DiSalvo’s ‘pandemic passion project’. 


I have spent my life playing, teaching, arranging, composing and producing music, starting with learning the accordion at age four.  Euphonium became my major instrument in college, having started baritone horn in the fifth grade.  I have experienced the business side of music as well, owning, with my wife Lana, two publishing companies and a record label/artist management firm.  Other than the summer after graduating high school, when I worked as a laborer in the open hearth of a steel mill, I have made my entire living doing what I love to do – music!

Typically, as one moves on in life, one has a bucket list; I had only one item on mine - to compose my first symphony.  I have composed several symphonic band pieces, arranged music for marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras, and choirs of all configurations and all levels; I’ve scored music for film and have orchestrated the complete repertoires for several artists; but, other than the one orchestral piece that I penned in 1981 for my high school ensemble, I had not written an original work for orchestra.  Composing this symphony then, I view, as a culmination of a lifetime of many, quite varied, musical experiences.

In 2015 I set out to satisfy my bucket list.  As so often is the case however, life got in the way.  I have sketched many themes since then, but only one would become relevant to this piece of music. 

In March 2020, my life, like everyone else’s, changed dramatically with the appearance of the coronavirus.

I realized I hadn’t had a schedule like this since I was a child - no performances, no tours, no traveling, no teaching, no social life.  So, with the good graces and support of my wife, I headed to my studio to compose my symphony.  Within days, I felt like I was on a freight train with no brakes.  I found it difficult to leave the space and did so only to eat and sleep. (I would never miss a meal since food is my second passion and Lana is a great ‘Tuscan’ cook!)  I spent twelve to fifteen hours each day composing, orchestrating, and also recording my piece with the help of two extensive libraries of orchestral sampled sounds.  By the end of the first week of June, I had completed the composition and recording. 

With the help of my editor, Paul Silver, a highly experienced professional orchestral musician, I then set out to prepare the printed score and parts, a task that took nearly an entire year to complete.

I hope you enjoy performing my music as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.  I had an absolute blast writing this piece!!

Grazie mille e buon divertimento!




I would like to acknowledge and thank the following close friends and colleagues who lent their ears and musical prowess, offered feedback, and in some cases, suggestions to me regarding my Symphony No. 1.

I very much appreciate the time they took to listen and respond.

Lana; my wife, who has been my lifelong supporter and critic. Thank you for allowing music to be my mistress.

Paul Silver; my editor for this work – Viola, retired, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Gerald Unger; Percussion, retired, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Franco Sciannameo; CFA Distinguished Scholar & Teaching Professor of Music; Academic Division Chair, School of Music, Carnegie Mellon University

Fred Danchenko; Double Bass, former member Pittsburgh Ballet and Opera Orchestras, Music Educator

Daniel Silver; Professor of Clarinet, University of Colorado College of Music

Gretchen Van Hoesen; Principal Harp, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Matthew Litterini; French Horn, Pittsburgh Opera & Ballet Orchestras, Music Educator

Keith Bajura; Piano, Violin, Composer

Matt Welch; Trombone, Composer, Arranger

Nick Deutsch; Euphonium, Trombone, Music Educator

Ken Kovach; Bass, Sound Engineer

Ernie Pontiere; Trombone, Vocalist, Percussionist, Retired Music Educator

Tim Milko; Chief Sound Engineer for MHM Productions, Guitar,
Disc Jockey, Music Educator

Jim Anderson; Recording Engineer and Producer for Acoustic Music in the recording, radio, television, and film industries, Co-owner Anderson Audio, NY

Ulrike Schwarz Anderson; Recording, Mastering Engineer, Producer, Co-owner Anderson Audio, NY

Gina Morgano; Vocalist, Educator, Journalist, who helped with the liner notes for this project

Gina Galardini; my daughter - Graphic Artist, who created the cover art, layout & design of the program and CD recording

John Del Monte; Visual Artist
John and I have been friends for a long time and have always admired each other’s work.  Over the years we have had the good fortune of meeting and dining together in Lucca, Italy where Professore Del Monte taught his Creative Art School for more than 47 years.  In 2015, I casually mentioned to him that I was starting to compose my Symphony No. 1.  John proceeded to write a beautiful letter encouraging me to complete the task and emphasized the words “melody, melody, melody!”  I was honored to receive such a letter from a distinguished artist.  John was so excited about the prospect of me writing this symphony that over the next five years he stayed in close touch, earning him the title of “my muse.” He introduced me at his famous breakfasts to many influential artists and supporters of the arts.  He even offered me the use of his friend’s summer home in the mountains of Tuscany, suggesting I lock myself there for three months to compose.  Unfortunately, because of my busy performance schedule, even an enticing offer like that just didn’t work.

In the summer of 2020, John, then 95 years young, was the first person I called to listen to the completed symphony.  He is still drawing, painting and teaching to this day - a true inspiration for any artist.


P.S. Sample pages of the orchestral score are available at www.vitodisalvo.com.  If you would like to view a copy of the entire score, please send your request to Lana DiSalvo at: lana@miffinhillsmusic.com



MHM Writer/Artist JIM GUERRA Releases Two Jazz Albums!

Jazz saxophonist and composer, Jim Guerra completed and released two albums just before the close of the 2009 year.

HOLD ME, an album that was in the making for more than a year contains two original Guerra compositions, DEAR JOHN and MINOR DEE and ten jazz classics.  Interestingly, Jazz Drummer, Roger Humphries, who played drums on the original recording of Horace Silver's composition SONG FOR MY FATHER also played drums on Guerra's recording.  Roger and Jim have been friends and have worked together both as performers and educators for many years.  More than thirty five jazz musicians including John Wilson, Sean Jones, Roger Humphries, Eric Susoeff, Marty Ashby, Jay Ashby, Mike Tomaro, Steve Hawk, and Jim's son and bassist, Jason Guerra performed on the album.  John Wilson arranged several of the songs on the album and Mike Tomaro arranged SOLAR with Guerra arranging the remaining songs.  

Jazz Radio personality Tony Mowad had this to say about the album:  "HOLD ME" is a great contribution to the jazz idiom.  Jim Guerra and his impressive cast of musicians convey a plethora of ingenuity with every sound considered and perfectly placed.  With its abundance of inspired improvisation, "HOLD ME" pulls no punches, takes no prisoners, and thoroughly satisfies!

THE MUSIC OF JIM GUERRA is a double CD of 24 original songs by Jim Guerra.  This album offers the listener a fresh approach to Traditional Jazz.  Again using an equally  impressive list of musicians, Guerra invites the listener into 'his world' with innovative compositions and excellent performances.

Both albums are released under the MHM Productions Label and all of Jim Guerra's music is published by Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC.

"Congratulations to Jim Guerra and his Musical and Technical Team!!!"


We are pleased to announce that Mifflin Hills Muisc Co. in association with Cortron Media, LLC, producers of the show "Matt Morgan in Concert with Vito DiSalvo and We Three", have won Honorable Mention in THE ACCOLADE TV AWARDS, www.theaccolade.net in the following categories:

Honorable Mention: Musicals/Dancing/Variety/Entertainment

Honorable Mention: Editing

The Accolade is an international award competition entering in its fifth year and is considered a top tier television contest among televion contests. It recognizes professionals, large and small, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity.

The awards go to those professionals who produce fresh, standout entertainment and compelling documentaries. Undiscovered and first-time television professionals are often recognized. Annually, a special award is given to a professional who makes a significant contribution to social change or a humanitarian effort.


Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC has been in business as a music publisher since February 1977.  Over the years, Mifflin Hills Music Co, as it was originally called, served also as a record label, artist management group, and entertainment agency.

In January 2007 the company split, forming MHM Productions LLC as the record label, artist management group and entertainment agency, and Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC solely as a music-publishing firm.

The catalogue of music of Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC is growing exponentially every day.  The future is bright for both the company and its writers. MHM writers hail from all over the globe and contribute music of all genres.

The mission of Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC is a simple one: to provide global opportunities for the music of creative writers while providing excellent resources to the wide variety of users of music.


Current uses of our music:

The Soprano’s – “The Wedding Waltz” by Vito DiSalvo

Pirillo Tours – National Advertising – “The Wedding Waltz” by Vito DiSalvo

Pirillo Tours – Promotional DVD

Independent Movie, “Baby Fat: - Uses exclusively music by composer, Vito DiSalvo


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